Bear Creek Cabins and Motel outside of Silver City New Mexico  
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The Bear Creek Cabins sit 7 miles north of Silver City at an elevation of 7000 ft. In weather terms that translates to slightly cooler and wetter than the ‘Four Gentle Seasons’ of Silver City.

The temperate weather in this area of the Southwest does have four distinct, gentle seasons. With year round sunshine that ranges from 75% sunshine in the winter to 90% sunshine in the summer, the area is a haven for outdoor activities.

*Average Temperatures:

Month Low High Ave


24 F

50.7 F

38 F


54.5 F

86.7 F

72 F

*Average Humidity: A comfortable 31%


December and January are generally our coolest months. Yearly, we will have several snows that bring 2 to 6 inches and usually melts quickly, especially on the roadway. An occasional heavy snow in the mountains will keep our cross country skiers and tubers happy for about a week. The roadways at the Cabins are cleared of snow and we go to extra lengths to make sure you can get in and out. Many days can be shirt sleeves only and with low’s in the 20’s F the outdoors are very accessible.


Spring is usually dry and at times windy. Rain showers and sometimes a late snow are possible. While nights can be chilly late into May many days are wonderfully warm. The budding and blooming throughout the various ecosystems make hiking, biking, and driving a real treat.


The area temperatures are generally in the 80’s to low 90’s, rarely reaching 100 F. With the low humidity, most days are very pleasant. The seasonal monsoon showers will bring 1/2” to 2”, usually begin in July, and create spectacular cloud formations and cool afternoons & evenings. The old timers claim if the rains will hold off until the 4th of July we will have a good monsoon season replenishing ground water, promoting plant growth and providing water for wild animals. The rains may interrupt activities but usually only for a short period of time.


Fall weather is spectacular as the days stay warm and nights become cool and crisp. The area mountains offer spectacular fall colors. Our first freeze is generally late in October and many days in November are warm & pleasant.

Without a doubt, our weather is a great companion for our cozy fireplaces and alluring hot tub!


*Data from Western Regional Climate Center

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